Alachig-2 buzzard-against-sky alachig-door-detail yurt have-yurt-will-travel

My 'yurt phase'

A 12ft. diameter Turkic type & a 21ft. diameter Alachig from N.W Iran. The felt cover used 50 fleeces from 18 different breeds of sheep. The construction taken from a traditional one in the Horniman Museum in London.

Both frames were made by yurtmaker Steve Place.

My use of felt draws on its pastoral origins.

Rooted in nomadic cultures

inter-dependent with animals.

Pastoral felt

frame Iranian-alachig

Felt has traditionally been used for many of the essentials of daily life: yurts, hats, coats, slippers, also for bags, rugs & horse covers.


I allow the actual process of making felt to have a direct bearing on the end result by responding to the physical material.