Who killed Cock Robin? I said the Sparrow

with my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin


Who'll dig his grave? I, said the Owl,

with my pick and shovel, I'll dig his grave.


Who'll be the parson? I, said the Rook,

with my little book, I'll be the parson.


Who'll be chief mourner? I, said the Dove,

I mourn for my love, I'll be chief mourner.


All the birds of the air

fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,

when they heard the bell toll

for poor Cock Robin.


The Creature Court Verdict   ECOCIDE


The destruction of large areas of the natural environment especially as a result of deliberate

human action is resulting in extensive damage

and destruction to people and planet.


The word Ecocide derives from the Greek oikos

meaning house or home & the Latin caedere - to demolish, kill. Literally "killing our home".


Its time to make Ecocide the 5th International Crime Against Peace, to sit alongside genocide, war crimes, crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity.

A mock trial held in the Supreme Court of the UK demonstrated that a law of Ecocide can work in practice.

Find out more at eradicatingecocide.com & facebook.com/Ecocide

Clissett Wood, Herefordshire Autumn 2011

Its not just little Cock Robin who is going

to an early grave...


intensive agriculture, indiscriminate use of harmful chemicals, misplaced scientific ingenuity & our whole madly consumerist culture is slowly but surely overloading our poor old planet.  

ecological elegy - various appearances...

Spring Greens Herefordshire Spring 2013